Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds, Part 3 - The Serpent & the Lotus


Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds
Part 3 - The Serpent and the Lotus
When the polarities of the dual world are in balance,
A third thing is born.
We find the mysterious golden key that unlocks the evolutionary forces of nature.
Because humans are almost exclusively identified exclusively with their thoughts and the outer world,
It is a rare individual which achieves the balance of the inner and outer forces which allow enlightenment;
To awaken naturally for those identified only with the illusion of enlightenment,
Enlightenment will always remain a metaphor, an idea, rather than a direct experience of one’s energy and consciousness.
The word Kundalini as used in the video below is –
 Awakened Evolutionary Consciousness
Another video explanation and paragraphs on Kundalini –
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