Monday, February 10, 2014





Today, Sunday, February 9,2014, began my second full week on this Magic Island of Kaua'i, aka LeMUria. I have decided to extend my stay here at least until April 1st, perhaps longer, so I will extend this Odyssey to 75 days or more to align with the 75 year milestone I came here to note and celebrate.

I am feeling, day by day, major shifts underway in every aspect of my BE-ing - BMS - Body, Mind, Spirit. I know that I have come here to re-member more about the Totality of Me (TOM) and restore more of IT into my conscious awareness as Ray in this Lifetime. Faith says I am "youthifying" before her eyes, which is a body/mind/spirit transformation. I am "seeing" it myself as I look at "me" in the mirror. Perhaps you can notice it as well in the pictures I am posting. Being on this Island for at least 8 weeks will allow completion, or at least anchoring, of the transformation process which is underway.

The Universe has offered me an opportunity to actually experience here the "SSSS" life of Seamless Simplicity, Solitude and Serenity that I was working to create in my Kentucky Paradise, but was nowhere near "done" with it - too much unnecessary "stuff" remains in that venue, and when (if) I return, it will be summarily dis-missed. I have here only what I have brought with me, and it is more than "enough" for a life of complete and comfortable simplicity. I bask in the Beauty and Ambiance of my surroundings, and enjoy Solitude whenever I want it. Transformation is underway, leading me to yet unknown new states of BE-ing. I am actually comfortable with the uncertainty of it all, trusting that the Universe will lead me, in perfect Divine Orchestration, to the "next" chapter in this incredible Journey... and KNOWING, to the core of my being, that EVERYTHING that happens is for the greatest good - for me and for All.

Here is the gift the Sky gave to me and Faith late this afternoon. The "Eye of God", (aka "God Wink") as I call these momentary sky openings which appear regularly to re-mind me that All Is Well, shone brightly as the Rays of Light beamed upward around it to embrace the planet, and us with the Light and Love of Being.