Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Art & Photos Now On-line!


Art & Photos Now On-line

at Fine Art America!

All art & photos by John Potts

  My photography and pastel chalk art is now on-line and for sale with various forms of framing available at Fine Art America. I have uploaded 177 photos and divided them into 12 galleries by subject matter.
  You can go to my web site and view them one by one or click on galleries and view them by subject. Double click on a picture to enlarge the view (strongly recommended) as the photos are initially very small. 
  There will be more photos uploaded later but it has been a 5 day process to choose, edit & write descriptions for each photo and I am tired.
   The above link is:
A few sample photos are shown below:

(Watch for next video posting notice soon on this web site!)

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