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The Illusion of Competition

POSTING FROM A FRIEND- Baba-Kundi Ma`at-Shambhala

The Illusion of Competition (Part 1)

Why is it that the human race is accepting and living within the artificial mandates and confines of competition? The many members of our bodies never compete against each other. Why is that? That is because they are in perfect alignment and harmony with their Divine Purpose for existing, and they stay within the boundaries of that Divine Purpose. In doing so, they maintain Divine Harmony amongst each other. We should and must take heed of their wisdom and function because we are just like them, we are members of a collective body, and we are members of the whole of creation. You and I and the whole of creation have a sacred and individual purpose for existing here on Earth Mother, and that purpose in no way has anything whatsoever to do with the competition of one member/one person against the other. We are created to exist in perfect harmony one with the other, and each of us with the whole of creation. We have reached the place in our existence where we must correct this tragic error of competition that is causing just about all of the turmoil that exists in the world today. We must regain our clear fixed focus first on our individual purpose, then on our collective purpose so that we can bring healing and balance back to this wonder-full creation we have been blessed with. The glorious Garden of Eden still exists within our spirits, we simply must do our part in life so that it can be released and manifest once again in this dense malleable physical realm of existence we are temporarily dwelling in.

Competition is completely alien to us, and to our sacred spiritual existence. Our sacred spiritual existence is our only true state of existence, because we are sacred spiritual beings sojourning through a dense temporal physical plane, and we are governed by Sacred Oneness. This dense physical plane that we are now dwelling on will not exist eternally as it is at this point in time and space, because of the simple reality that it is evolving just like we are. Matter of fact, it is evolving right along with us. That could be what was meant in the statement that is found in the bible about mankind having dominion over the earth. God said, Let us (the Sacred Feminine and Masculine Creator Energies) make mankind in our image (female and male), to be like us. Let them be masters and have dominion over the whole of creation on Earth Mother, and also dominion over Earth Mother herself. That is my interpretation of the scripture on our dominion over things during this lifetime. Humanity has forgotten that such dominion can only be carried out through the Sacred State of Equality and Oneness. Mankind drastically perverted the Spiritual Action of Dominion by inserting the distorted concepts of competition and selfishness into our daily endeavors. When we compete against each other, we totally loose our true spiritual focus, and begin to focus on individual purpose for existing, which is the reason why everything is so out of kilter in our lives and around the world today.

Having dominion over the whole of creation, which includes ourselves, means that we are to see to it that we stay true to whom we are and what we are here to do on this very dense and malleable physical plane. We are created and placed here to be the ushers of positive sacred change here on Earth Mother, and then we are to maintain that change just as we would maintain a garden. We must continually weed out that which is not growing and flowing in complete harmony with the divine plan of oneness; that which does not mesh at all with the inferior principle of man’s creation called competition. That is the prime reason why competition can never produce the good we think it produces. Where there is competition, one or more people are put down, and to some degree the person on the losing end of the competition, always feels less than. That is the process of putting one down, and that is not what we are supposed to be doing. We are supposed to be building each other up. Think about the process of building something. When we build something it must consist of numerous parts, and those parts are usually very different from each other. Yet all of those different parts fit together and work together in harmony, and not one of those parts are in competition with the other. Building something brings things together; it does not separate things by way of putting them against each other.

We are supposed to be maintaining and building onto the sacred existence we have been gifted with by our Beloved Spiritual Parent Mama-Baba Goddess-God. I have finally come to understand, that to do so is impossible with the leveling agent present in our lives that is called competition. With competition present, we will never awaken and arise spiritually in the way that it is intended for us by Universal Intelligence as we sojourn through this dense physical plane.

Completely rejecting, and totally doing away with competition has become one of our major responsibilities. We created it, so we must find a way to do away with it. You and I were blessed with life and the awesome creation of Earth Mother and the abundant life housed within her. Yet creation did not stop there; we are charged with being the ongoing creators of our very own personal realities, as well as the realities of our surrounding worlds. For those of you who my terminology “surrounding world” is foreign, I will explain it. Our surrounding world is everything that encompasses our everyday life. Our surrounding world is made up of the things we think, the things we believe, the things we say, as well as the things that we do. Our surrounding world is also temporarily composed of the many different people we draw into it. Our surrounding world is the primary world that each of us has been given dominion over. Now what happens on the grand scale is this, the surrounding worlds that we are creating start to overlap with the surrounding worlds that are created by our sisters and brothers, and when they are combined they actually create the energetic world we find around us, and everything that manifests within it. So in essence, each individual actually controls what happens in the entire world through our individual choices, and our individual choices combine with the individual choices of our sisters and brothers of this physical creation.

Now can you comprehend why competition cannot be a part of the equation? Competition will not allow us to work together in oneness as we are supposed to, or allow us to maintain creation and continue to create our surrounding worlds in the way they must be created to maintain and maximize harmony here on Earth Mother, as well as throughout our most Glorious Universe. What we do here on Earth Mother create energies that not only affect our beloved Earth Mother, the vibrational waves of that energy also travel out into the universe and influences what is happening out there. Think about it this way. You are standing in front of a pond of water, the water in the pond is pristine, and it is clear and still. Then you decide to pick up a big rock and throw it into the pond with great force. The big rock penetrates the water with the force you threw it, and it causes ripples in the water that start where it entered the water, and those ripples reach out to the edges of the entire pond. The water also begins to get murky because the big rock stirs up all of the sediment that was on the bottom of the pond. The negative energy that emanates from our actions such as competition has the exact same affect on this planet and the universe, as the throwing of a big rock in a pristine still pond.

So now you can see how powerful every single human being actually is. We are not only made in the image and likeness of Infinite Source, we possess some of the same creative powers and abilities that are maintained within and used by Infinite Source. So in essence, you and I are god’s; that is of course is god’s with the small g, of course the big G is reserved for Mama-Baba Goddess-God. To whom much is given, much is required. Nonetheless, also to whom much is given, is also given the wherewithal to do what is required of us to do. So we can and must do that which will bring and keep harmony in the world, and in part that is to completely remove competition from the equation of life.

Baba-Kundi Ma`at-Shambhala


The Illusion of Competition (Part 2)

Before I got sick and had to find a place to move to from the high altitude of Santa Fe New Mexico, and moved here to live with my best friend and his wife until I got better, got employment and a place to stay, I had not sat down and watched television at home for many years. I would choose and pick movies to watch, but TV was not a form of entertainment I took part in anymore. Since being here I picked up the habit of watching the Boob Tube again. That is not to say that what they are doing is wrong, or they forced television on me; because that is surely not the case. They have been nothing but a tremendous blessing to me. I must say that I Thank and Honor them completely for being the loving and caring people that they are. I Love them with everything that is within me.

When I woke up early this morning and I was faced with this new and Wonder-Full Day of Creation and all of the Oneness, Blessing, Joy, and Love it offers the whole of creation, a thought was fresh on my mind about television and all of the illusion, deception, and intentional distortion it programs the mind with on a continual basis, to those who choose to watch it; as if there was not enough man made drama and trauma in the world already.

Man’s creation of the television or the Boob Tube as I like to call it, adds more drama and trauma to the lives of those who choose to watch it. They tell us exactly what television truly is; tell-a-vision, and they call what they show us on tell-a-vision programming. Those who choose to watch it are given programming such as reality television which has nothing whatsoever to do with reality, adventure which isn’t true adventure unless adventure to you is taking advantage of others for selfish gain, romance which is more depressing then anything due to all of the cheating and dishonesty, and sports which is about pitting people against each other as adversaries and teaching them how to win without honor by any means necessary. Even though I was not trying to name all of the programming that goes on, I must add horror to the list. Horror is one that glorifies killing in the most grotesque ways, and it is one of the most popular now days with young people.

The biggest characteristic that permeates all genres of television today is competition. We are at the place in our existence where we are evolving back into the Conscious Spiritual Beings that we have always been; yet an upsurge of negativity has been launched by spiritually unconscious human beings. It is so bad that even something like comedy, which is supposed to bring us great joy, laughter, and healing, has become negative, distasteful, and purely dark in its nature. We must stop allowing ourselves to be programmed in such a way, because the fruit of such programming is self-destruction during this lifetime. Nonetheless, there is something good in store for those who travel that road to its end; they will be able to return in another incarnation and get right those things that they missed this time around. This morning was not only my wakeup call from last nights sleep, it was also my wakeup call from the negative programming I had chosen to allow into the Sacred Space of my mind and consciousness. I must go back to what I had been doing for years, and that is unplug from the programming that tell-a-vision has been polluting my mind with through it’s programming. If I want all of the blessings and spiritual adventures that life has to offer, and I do; I must at this very moment disconnect from the deceptive Matrix of Control that has been set up in order to control us and rob us of our precious energies. No more Boob Tube for me, I must be free. I have things I must deal with in my personal life; because of that I do not have time for someone else’s pain and drama, and neither am I supposed to.

Above are my scripted words from a few months ago on competition, part one of this. I revised a few things; however it still expresses what it originally did. My beloved sisters and brothers, we must do all that we possibly can to turn our lives around, when we do that we will surely begin to turn this distorted world we have created around. Then and only then will we fully recognize Earth Mother as the Paradise she has always been, and we will begin to give her the Love, respect and care that one who has dominion over something normally does. 
Baba-Kundi Ma`at-Shambhala

Thank you Spirit Walker!  Your friend, Arriving Home at the Source (John Potts)

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