Thursday, May 30, 2013


Welcome to the site where we can explore our spiritual journey together; a place where we can look at quotes by insightful spiritual leaders in our past and present; a safe place to share our spiritual questions, doubts, certainties, experiences and perhaps gain some new direction and hope in our spiritual journey.
My name is John Potts. I am in my mid-70's and have had about 11 very interesting careers in my life, all the way from 22 years U.S. Coast Guard active duty where I worked my way up from seaman to a ship's captain. I served as a Christian pastor/short term missionary for several years, a Christian book store owner, a water survival instructor, an addictions counselor and retired again from the State of Maryland as a supervisor in the program which supervised drinking driver offenders.  I then became a clay artist for 10 years until just a few years ago.
Over my life, I have searched various Spiritual paths seeking fullfilment and direction, including fundamentalist Christianity, athiesm, Course in Miracles philosophy, Unity, Unitarian-Universalism and Zen Buddhism.  I went through a Buddhist workshop sponsored by my Unitarian-Universalist Church studying the "Five Mindfulness Trainings" and received the Dharma name "Arriving Home At The Source".
Do I believe that any of us are doomed to "hell" for not living by the "right" precepts?  Absolutely NOT!  Do I believe that an inner spiritual part of each of us will continue on exciting adventures when our body ceases to breathe?  Yes, that is the direction I am leaning.  I would like for us to examine ways to live our present lives to the fullest while occupying these bodies while dealing with earthly suffering and confusion in positive and exciting ways.
That is what I would like for us to discuss here on this site. 
Will you join me?

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